Task 5 Evaluation of Prototype

Design a functional prototype.  According to the project plan you have submitted post a notice to the discussion board for your group when the next draft of your functional prototype is ready for review.  This draft should include all student assessment instruments.   Please provide the URL for your functional prototypes which can be on a wiki or website.  Or if it is not too big you may attach your functional prototype to your posted message on the message board.

Provide liberal annotation for your prototype.  This annotation should include your plan for the summative evaluation of your product.  It should also include any data you have collected, your interpretation of this data, how this data will be used to modify or improve your product, and data concerning the development of this product. Your annotation should indicate the instructional decisions you made and should reference the resources of this course and other sources to justify these decisions.

Remember when functional prototypes are posted you must critique the work of two other students or groups. Please post your comments and suggestions to the discussion board designated for the student or group you are reviewing.

Task 5 Evaluation Notes
[Click here for notes on evaluation].

Task 5 Resources

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