e3 Course Evaluation Rubric

The primary tool for evaluating existing instruction is the e3 Course Evaluatioin Rubric. This rubric is described in the following paper.

Merrill, M. D. (2009). Finding e3 (effective, efficient and engaging) Instruction. Educational Technology, 49(3), 15-26. (Click here for a copy of this paper.)

To facilitate your course evaluation you may download a MS Word form that can be used to apply the e3 Course Evalulation Rubirc. For your convience you can also download an inistructional event form that may be helpful in cevaluating an existing course or in outlineing the events in your own instructional development. Both of these forms are described in the above paper.

Click here to down load e3 Course Evaluation Rubric form.

Click here to download the instructional events form.






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