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Some of these books have multiple editions. Using an earlier version of these books is acceptable and in most cases provides the information you need for this class. You can usually purchase earlier versions for less money.  All of these books are available on or Barnes and Nobel (

Allen, M. W. (2003). Michael Allen's Guide to e-Learning. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Clark, R. C. (2007). e-learning and the Science of Instruction: Proven Guidelines for Consumers and Designers of Multimedia Learning (2nd ed.). San Francisco: Pfeiffer.

Clark, R. C. (2008). Developing Technical Training: A Structured Approach for Developing Classroom and Computer-Based Instructional Materials (3rd ed.). San Francisco: Pfeiffer.

Dick, W., Carey, L., & Carey, J. O. (2008). The Systematic Design of Instruction (7th ed.): Allyn & Bacon.

Gagne, R. M., Wager, W. W., Golas, K., & Keller, J. M. (2005). Principles of Instructional Design (5th ed.). Belmont, CA: Thompson Wadsworth.

van Merriënboer, J. J. G., & Kirschner, P. A. (2007). Ten Steps to Complex Learning. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

The following sources are not required for this course but if you are serious about pursuing a career in instructional design you might want to acquire these books for your library:

Morrison, G. R., Ross, S., M., & Kemp, J. E. (2006). Designing Effective Instruction (5th ed.): John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Smith, P. L., & Ragan, T. J. (2004). Instructional Design (3rd ed.). New York: Wiley/Jossey-Bass Education.


All of these articles are online. Click as shown to link to these papers.

Francom, G., Wolfersberger, M., & Merrill, M. D. (2009). Biology 100: A Task-Centered, Peer-Interactive Redesign. TechTrends, 53(3), 35-100. Click here for copy.

Francom, G., Bybee, D., Wolfersberger, M., Mendenhall, A., & Merrill, M. D. (2009). A Task-Centered Approach to Freshman-Level General Biology. Bioscene, Journal of College Biology Teaching, 35(1), 66-73. Click here for copy.

Mendenhall, A., Buhanan, C. W., Suhaka, M., Mills, G., Gibson, G. V., & Merrill, M. D. (2006). A task-centered approach to entrepreneurship. TechTrends, 50(4), 84-89. Click here for copy.

Merrill, M. D. (1997). Instructional Strategies that Teach. CBT Solutions(Nov/Dec), 1-11. Click here for copy.

Merrill, M. D. (2001). Components of instruction toward a theoretical tool for instructional design. Instructional Science, 29(4-5), 291-310. Click here for copy.

Merrill, M. D. (2002). A pebble-in-the-pond model for instructional design. Performance Improvement, 41(7), 39-44. Click here for copy.

Merrill, M. D. (2007). A task-centered instructional strategy. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 40(1), 33-50. Click here for copy.

Merrill, M. D. (2008). Converting e3 learning to e3 learning: an alternative instructional design method. In S. Carliner & P. Shank (Eds.), The E-Learning Handbook: Past Promises, Present Challenges (pp. 359-400). San Francisco: Pfeiffer. Click here for copy.

Merrill, M. D. (2009). First Principles of Instruction. In C. M. Reigeluth & A. Carr (Eds.), Instructional Design Theories and Models: Building a Common Knowledge Base (Vol. III). New York: Routledge Publishers. Click here for copy.

Merrill, M. D. (2009). Finding e3 (effective, efficient and engaging) Instruction. Educational Technology, 49(3), 15-26. Click here for copy.

Merrill, M. D., & Gilbert, C. G. (2008). Effective peer interaction in a problem-centered instructional strategy. Distance Education, 29(2), 199-207. Click here for copy.

Merrill, M. D. (In Press). Designing e3 (effective, efficient, engaging) Instruction. Click here for copy.

Video Presentations

Click on titles to view viedo

Introduction to First Principles
Click for brief YouTube introduction to our work on First Principles of Instruction.

Lecture on First Principles
Part 1 of a video lecture on a task-oriented instructional strategy.
This was a presentation in the Netherlands in 2004.  The first part of this lecture talks about my assignment at BYU-Hawaii.  This lecture has a menu that allows you to view each section of the lecture so you can skip the material on BYU-Hawaii if you wish.

Lecture on Knowledge Analysis
Part 2 of a lecture on task-centered instruction.  This lecture was delivered in the Netherlands in 2004.  The presentation has a menu that allows you to review any section of the lecture you wish.

Lecture on a knowledge object for a whole task
Part 3 of a lecture on a task-centered instructional strategy, delivered in the Netherlands in 2004.  A menu allows you to view those sections of the lecture that are of interest.





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